Our Staff

Dr. Arnold Weinberg (Chiropractor)

Arnold Weinberg, Doctor, Chiropractor, Narberth Chiropractor, Alternative Treatment, Pain Management

Dr. Weinberg's credentials include running his own chiropractic adjustment clinic for over 30 years, starting in 1984. He has a bachelors degree from Rutgers University, and Graduate work from Temple University, and Post Doctoral work in sports rehab. He also had a diplomate in pain management from the American Academy of Pain Management.

Over the years, Dr.Weinberg has treated sports stars from the Eagles, professional hockey players, and professional tennis players.

Pat Patterson (Chiropractic Assistant)


Robin Peterse (Massage Therapist)


Robin is a massage therapist and nutritional product expert. She also works at Holly Hill Health Food Store advising people on nutritional products, 30+ years expirience. 

Cheryl Fitzgerald (Weight Loss and Lifestyle Coach)

Cheryl Fitzgerald, Weight Loss Coach, Narberth Chiropractic, Alternative Treatment

Hi I’m Cheryl Fitzgerald...

Your Health & Wellness Consultant

Weight Loss & Lifestyle Coach

“Love playing with your grandkids, but need more energy?”

“Looking forward to getting into your favorite jeans again?”

“Enjoy the beach, but not the swimsuit?”

Free health assessment & complimentary consultation.

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To Your Health!

Dr. Rahman Beckwith (Positive Psychology and Spirituality)



Imagine What Would Be Possible If You Could Change Your Thoughts!!

Dr. Rahman Beckwith integrates Positive Psychology and Spirituality to create unique approaches to wellness for you. 

Visit her website to learn more about her healing sessions, books, E-courses and more! Www.DrRahmanBeckwith.wordpress.com

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Susan Weinberg (Office Manager)