Trusted Partner

A Philosophy, an Approach, and a Promise


Trusted Partner

I recently asked three patients—one who just came to me, one I’d seen a few times, and another who’s been coming to the office for two years—to tell me why they chose me and not someone else. Each one said something that, to my mind summarized to this: “I see you because I trust you.”

This was very gratifying. To me, there is nothing more important than trust where health is concerned. To me, trust has three components, as below. I’ve built my practice around each of these for 30 years:

Trust = Knowledge X Reliability X Empathy


What this means is that I pledge to stay current with health care science and best practices—Knowledge. Further, it means that you can trust me to be there for you—Reliability—to steadfastly focus on your needs and follow through on my promises. Finally, it means that I will endeavor to get to know you—Empathy—and will tailor a treatment program for you based on who you are, not just your symptoms and problems.

Most of the time, patients come to our office—at least at first—because they have a physical problem. I hope it doesn’t seem odd, but patients have told me many times that they like coming to the office. They tell me that they appreciate our clean, spacious office and the exceptionally friendly staff.

Here is what someone said recently about how I practice and the benefits gained:

I had seen another chiropractor who was horrible and I didn’t know where to turn for help with my sciatica. I literally walked in to Dr. Weinberg’s office off the street. I felt welcome immediately and was seen quickly. I have found Dr. Weinberg not only to be a skillful health practitioner but also to be a warm, generous human being who is sincerely interested in my well-being. He helped my symptoms abate quickly. I referred my teenage daughter to Dr. Weinberg as well and he helped her gain relief from very painful scoliosis.

—Richard McKnight, Ph.D., Narberth

Curriculum Vitae

Rutgers University, B.S.

Temple Graduate

Pennsylvania College of Chirophractic

Diplomate in Pain Management

Completed Certification, Sports Chiropractic