Light Therapy


LED—Research by NASA

In the past thirty years, research has demonstrated that cell tissue responds to certain single frequencies of low power light. One of the most successful of these is 660 nanometers in wavelength, which is in the red spectrum. This type of light is produced by both soft lasers (administered by medical practitioners) and light emitting diodes (LED).  LEDs are safe for adults, children, and the elderly.

The light quanta (photons) are absorbed by the skin and underling tissue, triggering biological changes within the body in a process known as “photobiostimulation”.  There are molecules within the cells called photo-acceptors that, when activated, accelerate or speed up the cell repair process.  These photo-acceptors can be activated only by a single wavelength frequency of light. Monochromatic light increases oxygen and blood flow, accelerates wound healing, and facilitates pain reduction and muscular relaxation. 

The whole field of soft lasers in medicine and physiotherapy is relatively new.  The majority of earlier soft laser research is directly applicable to the later use of LEDs (which are safer, longer lasting and less expensive).  LEDs cannot be overused since cells will stop responding when healing is complete.

Light can be applied directly to tissue or applied via meridians and acupuncture points.  Direct application results in effective penetration deep into the tissue.  Meridians can be used to deliver light into the body because monochromatic light travels through the meridians like an optical fiber.

Single frequency light is also a well-known method for stimulating or sedating acupuncture and acupressure points.

LED light is so safe that you can shine it in your eyes and has been used to:

•reduce pain

•increase healing

•reduce wrinkles

•improve skin

  1. helps in weight loss

  2. Is FDA cleared from the DPL literature

We also do

•Acupuncture that is noninvasive


•Gentle & conventional chiropractic

•Weight management with ultrasound

•Disc decompression


•Kinesiology bracing

•Massage therapy

•One on one exercise & rehab

•Infrared sauna